Segrest has remained committed to our goals of conservation outcomes and socio-economic benefits to local communities derived through the home aquarium trade.

Segrest Farms, one the world’s largest wholesale ornamental fish distributors, has a commitment to not only find the best suppliers of fish, but also ensure their suppliers are following the best practices to ensure long-term sustainability and success. Hence, they have stated their support for Project Piaba – a project that is central to FFSG’s Home Aquarium Fish Sub-Group. Project Piaba focuses on sustainable capture of wild populations of Amazonian fishes. Project Piaba follows methods that do not represent a threat to those populations, because they are directed at species that have adapted to high levels of natural mortality by spawning in huge numbers. Project Piaba also focuses on the economic incentives that the ornamental fish trade has on the local communities, providing income for more than half of the region’s inhabitants who would, otherwise, be forced to work in environmentally destructive industries such as logging, mining, and ranching.

Segrest Farms has been able to assist by offering their expertise in best practices for shipping and handling fishes. In addition, as the largest wholesale supplier in the US, Segrest Farms have the ability to offer these sustainable resourced fishes to retailers across the US, hence significantly supporting the income that is returned to the fisheries and communities.

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