Project Piaba is a Non-Profit Organization doing business as Project Piaba with an entity name of Bio-Amazonia Conservation International, Inc.

Project Piaba was established to study and foster environmentally and socially beneficial home aquarium fish trade.  Project Piaba is a volunteer organization.

Little Fish, Big Impact

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For more nearly 25 years, Project Piaba volunteers have been researching the home aquarium fishery of the Rio Negro. Very early on it was discovered that the home aquarium fishery was not only sustainable, but it was the principal driver for creating value for the environment.

When fishers (piabeiros and piabeiras) are asked what they would do if they could not sell fish, the most common answers are: timber harvest, cattle ranching, gold mining, or urban migration.

Project Piaba has provided the basis of study for hundreds of Amazonian undergraduate and advanced students.

Every year a small group of international fish health specialists, trade stakeholders, public aquarium biologists, and fish enthusiasts are invited to join Project Piaba and the Brazilian team on our annual expedition to Barcelos and the fishing grounds. The outcomes of this program have led to a much better understanding of the role of this fishery and many key connections have been made that are helping the fishery to adapt to changes in global markets.