Banjo cats, Bunocephalus coracoides, are a species of catfish found throughout the Amazon River basin. They are found in leaf litter and woody debris throughout the Rio Negro and many of its tributaries. Banjo Cats are perfect for the catfish enthusiast, as long as you are able to appreciate very cryptic fish that will rarely be seen after introducing them to your home aquarium.

Banjo cats are very peaceful fish and can be kept in an aquarium with various species of tetra and other small fishes, or with larger fishes like angelfish or discus. They will eat a variety of prepared foods such as wafers, sinking pellets, and even flakes off the bottom, but will thrive when offered live foods such as blackworms occasionally. They achieve a maximum size of about 6 inches and are best kept in tanks 30 gallons and larger, and you will need a much larger aquarium if you want to keep more than one. They do great in a blackwater tank with leaf litter and sand, and they will have many hiding places and you may only see them at night.

photo credit Tory Babson