Poecilocharax weitzmani, the black morpho tetra, is a small tetra from the Rio Negro watershed and is one of Project Piaba’s featured fishes. They reach a maximum size of approximately 1.5 inches and are generally peaceful fishes, however they can easily be outcompeted and so should be kept with other small tetras, or other shy fish. Males can be territorial, so if you plan to keep a group, they should be in a larger tank with lots of hiding spaces, or you should only keep one male and a few females. Males can be distinguished by their more dramatic coloration and elongated fins. These fish will take to flake food, but will benefit from bloodworms, blackworms, or some other protein source. They thrive in blackwater and leaf litter tanks and will pick at amphipods and other small tasty bits in the leaves. They also do well with many small places to hide and dark corners such as piles of leaves, driftwood, and overhanging plants. Plastic tubes also make great hiding places for these fish and can be hidden in leaf litter or driftwood to be made more natural looking. If you are looking for a tetra with shy, dwarf cichlid-like behavior- the black morpho tetra is your fish.