Pristine Forest and Rivers are Protected by Fisherfolk

Fishers Need to Collect in Pristine Waters

Fishers Protect the Amazon Forest from Development

Fish are Held in Pens in Communities Before Transport Down River

Fish are Transported Down River in Bins on Barges

 Often traveling hundreds of miles through the rivers of the Amazon Forest in Brazil

Fish Such as the Cardinal Tetra are held in Bins on the Barges During Transport

Fish Are Held in Manaus Before Export

Cardinal Tetras Land in Home Aquariums Around the World

The Fishery Focuses on Small Fish for Home Aquariums

The Fish are Colorful Species with Abundant Offspring

Train the Trainers Best Handling Workshop

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Review Publications About this Beneficial and Sustainable Fishery

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Sustainability and livelihoods in the home aquarium trade discussed

by conservation scientists at recent conference

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