Project Piaba is working to protect and promote this fishery and the benefits it provides to the waters and forests of the Rio Negro

Collecting fish for the aquarium trade is an important source of income thousands of people along Brazil’s Rio Negro

Fishers don’t need to resort to slash-and-burn agriculture or other destructive practices to support their families

OATA Report Published!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The aquarium fish industry is an immensely powerful driver of environmental conservation and a creator of concerned citizens and stewards both in aquarium hobbyists and remote communities where aquarium fish are collected. However, this industry is often misunderstood and the environmental and conservation benefits that it generates can be overlooked, leading people to make well meaning but ill-informed decisions, judgements and legislation - often with negative environmental consequences. Check out this in-depth look at the aquarium industry published by OATA (the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association).