The Trip of a Lifetime January 20 through February 2, 2018


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The upcoming unforgettable expedition to the Rio Negro and observe all aspects of the home aquarium fishery is coming.

January 20 through February 2, 2018

The trip includes:
– 2 weeks on a well appointed live-aboard boat
– Visit biological hotspots
– Visit Fishing communities
– Participate in the Ornamental Fish Festival of Barcelos
– Visit home aquarium fish export facilities

Create lasting memories and join us!

Contact Scott Dowd or Deb Joyce for more information and to reserve your spot for the next Expedition!
Scott:  SDowd@Projectpiaba.org  OR Deb:  DJoyce@ProjectPiaba.org.

Project Piaba 2018 Planned Expedition Itinerary and Work Plan


Field work 2015 7.9 Oh, Black Waters - Eric Rassmussen